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Q-Lana - Low code based banking solutions

Q-Lana is a comprehensive digital open banking platform, fully configurable, easy to use, and modular. It is based on low-code technology with APIs and microservices, offered as a software solution. It incorporates our experience in financial services and track record in software development.
The low code base adapts to the specific needs of clients. Pre-configured components are combined with client-specific customizations. The platform includes flexible product-specific workflow/document/ collateral management and data tracking for companies/ individuals. There is a communication function, knowledge management, dashboards, and reporting.
The platform can assess a client’s business potential/ risks using qualitative and quantitative criteria. Also included are Scoring, product-independent risk assessment, ESG, risk-adjusted return calculation, aggregated exposures & profitability, risk appetite calculation, monitoring, early warning signals, and collection support.

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Christian Ruehmer

CEO Founding Partner

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